Crazy Time Live

Crazy Time Live slot - brief information

Crazy Time is not just a game of chance, but a vibrant game show from the provider Evolution Gaming. The game is based on the classic Dream Catcher money wheel. The developer managed to combine elements of a classic TV show and a classic slot. Thanks to interactivity and advanced technology, the level of excitement and fun reaches its maximum! Crazy Time offers a variety of multipliers as well as bonus games.

Crazy Time is played in a colorful studio with the money wheel taking center stage. The game is played in real time, so any cheating or influence on the game results is excluded. Only chance and your luck influence the results!

Crazy Time Live has millions of fans around the world. After all, it is interesting to play and watch. Each player is guaranteed the most vivid emotions.

The player's goal in Crazy Time is to guess on which sector the arrow of the wheel that the dealer is spinning will stop. The reel is divided into several sections, which provide for multiplying the bet or switching to a mini-game with bonuses.

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    The essence of the online slot Crazy Time Live

    The Crazy Time game attracts with its high volatility and excellent dispersion, which allowed the developer to make the gameplay fun. At the same time, each user has every chance of winning, which is also an advantage of the live game.

    The main task of the user is to place a bet and guess where the reel arrow will stop. There are two betting options:

    1. The player chooses one number. If he guesses correctly, he gets a prize.
    2. The player selects the bonus round. If he wins, he can receive a big prize or lose all his money.

    The total number of sectors on the Crazy Time wheel is 54. They are distributed as follows:

    • 21 cells – x1 multiplier;
    • 13 cells – x2 multiplier;
    • 7 cells – x5 multiplier;
    • 4 cells - x10 multiplier.
    crazy time symbols on the wheel

    The remaining sectors are symbols for moving on to mini-games. There are 4 of them in total in the slot.

    crazy time live sector wheels

    Crazy Time can only be played for money; the game does not have a demo version. But the developers have provided the ability to watch others play via online broadcast. To launch it, the user will need to register at the casino and top up his account.

    Bonus games Crazy Time

    A game Crazy Time Live - This is a wheel of fortune, which consists of sectors. And some of the sectors, as already noted, are occupied by bonus games:

    • Cash Hunt;
    • Pachinko;
    • Coin Flip;
    • Crazy time.

    Through bonus entertainment, each player has an additional chance to increase their winnings. The arrow will help activate the bonus if it stops on the sector with the mini-game symbol.

    Cash Hunt

    Cash Hunt – the first bonus game of Crazy Time. Here the user has every chance to increase his winnings by selecting the cell behind which the maximum multiplier is hidden. The total number of such cells in the mini-game is 108. A player can only trust his intuition. If successful, the winnings increase by a multiple of the multiplier.

    cash hunt crazy time


    The name of the round was given in honor of the famous slot machine. The essence of the mini-game is the same as the slot itself:

    1. The player is transported to a field where a wall of stakes is depicted.
    2. There are 16 multipliers displayed at the bottom of the screen.
    3. The dealer launches a ball, which determines the size of the winnings by its fall.
    Crazy Time Pachinko

    The game also provides a special multiplication symbol, on which the ball can also fall. In this case, the player can return it and thereby increase the final multiplier.

    Coin Flip

    The mini-game on the reel is represented by a coin. If the arrow stops on it, the user goes to a win-win bonus level. Two coin symbols appear in front of him: heads and tails. Each one is painted in a special color that corresponds to a specific multiplier.

    Crazy Time Coin Flip

    The size of the prize depends on which side the coin lands on top. Bonuses are determined in advance, and a random number generator is responsible for everything. This means that the casino administration does not have the opportunity to adjust the settings of the machine and exclude the possibility of winning for the user. The maximum multiplier in this bonus game is x100.

    Crazy Time bonus game

    Bonus game Crazy Time

    This is the biggest bonus game of the live slot. When this symbol appears on a sector, the user is transported to a new room, where the dealer escorts him. There is another wheel in this room. The main task of the player is to choose an arrow:

    • yellow;
    • blue;
    • green.
    crazy time bonus

    Whichever arrow the player chooses will point to the multiplier. The maximum odds in this round are x20000.

    Always remember about bonus games!

    Every Crazy Time player has the opportunity to earn a fantastically large amount. All thanks to bonus games.

    Useful information about Crazy time

    Before you start playing Crazy Time live, you should familiarize yourself with its basic characteristics. Among the main ones:

    • maximum multiplier – x50;
    • minimum bet – 5 rubles;
    • demo version - no;
    • maximum bet – 5000 rub.

    There are cases when lucky players managed to receive winnings that were 500 times greater than the amount that the user bet.

    Main differences and features of the game Crazy Time

    Crazy Time Live is a game with a live dealer and a huge wheel with different symbols and bonus games on the sectors. The main task of the user is to guess at which sector the reel arrow will stop, the task of the host is to start the rotation of the wheel. In the process, the player can use various tactics and take part in bonus rounds, thereby increasing the winning amount. Among the key features of the slot it is worth highlighting:

    • chat where players can communicate with each other;
    • high multipliers;
    • the ability to bet on all sectors at once to cover costs;
    • a special atmosphere in the style of an offline casino.

    The return rate of the Live game is 96.08%.

    Where to play Crazy Time

    You can play Crazy Time in many casinos, the range of which includes a similar slot. But it’s better to choose sites that have a license. Therefore, you should choose a casino carefully. It is important to take into account not only the availability of a license, but also reviews of previous users, game range, possible bonuses and wagering conditions.

    FAQ – frequently asked questions about the game Crazy Time

    What is the minimum bet?

    The minimum in the Crazy Time game is 5 rubles. You can bet in other currencies, the amount is calculated as a multiple of the exchange rate.

    Is there a chat in the online game?

    Yes, users can communicate with each other via online chat, which is provided by the developers.

    What do statistics mean in the game interface?

    Statistics in the Crazy Time game are the latest results of active players. Here you can see what amounts previous users managed to win.

    What is the game number?

    Each round of the game has its own number and is unique. It indicates the start of the round in GMT: #21:10:10. This means that the round started at 21 hours, 10 minutes and 10 seconds. The number will be useful for contacting support if the user has questions about the game.

    What is multigame mode in Crazy Time?

    The Crazy Time game provides a multi-game mode. It is for those who cannot stop there and want to sit at several tables at once.

    Does Crazy Time have an autoplay mode?

    The Crazy Time slot provides the possibility of automatic play. When this mode is launched, the machine automatically repeats the selected bet or bets of the user. But for this you will need to set the number of rounds during which the auto-play will operate. The mode is activated by a special button on the dashboard.


    If you are gambling and love a bright game show, huge winnings. We highly recommend immersing yourself in the festive atmosphere that the Crazy Time game show gives. Right behind the screen of your computer or smartphone, you can experience the emotions and excitement that a real casino gives.