Crazy Time is a game for those who are looking for a bright show and excitement. But how to win? One option is to try different tactics and strategies that can lead to victory. There are quite a few such techniques, but not all of them deserve a detailed review. It is worth considering the most popular and effective strategies that will help you get large sums.

Before you begin analyzing strategies and tactics, you need to remember a few important rules. Firstly, there is no need to try to win back if in the time that has passed since the launch of the slot the user has encountered a series of losses. Many people often give in to emotions and begin to increase the bet, subsequently losing their entire bankroll. If you can’t win, you should give both yourself and the slot time to rest.

Secondly, don't use strategies that don't inspire confidence. How to identify them? It’s very simple: they are not in the review or they are negatively reviewed by other users who have already encountered failure more than once.

Strategy “Caution is the path to success”

The most popular strategy that many players use when starting the wheel of fortune Crazy Time. This is an ideal winning method for those who do not want to worry too much or bet large amounts. The essence of the strategy is to gradually increase the rate in moderate steps. Yes, this approach will not give you a big win right away, but it will allow you to significantly increase your balance over time.

Crazy Time strategy

If we analyze the strategy from the technical side, it consists in increasing the probability of sectors falling out with multipliers x1, x2, x5. Statistics show that at least 2 out of 3 games give you a win with a minimum bet.

Strategy “The risk justifies the costs”

This strategy is more suitable for experienced users who are willing to take risks. The main goal is to get winnings from the maximum number of sectors. To achieve this, you need:

Crazy Time another strategy
  1. Set a bankroll limit in advance.
  2. Place the maximum number of bets per round.
  3. Wait for the game results.

Losses, according to statistics, are repaid mainly due to small winnings. At the same time, the chances of receiving a large amount increase significantly. During a round, the user can increase the bet to x25,000 and thereby recoup the weight of the bankroll. It is better not to use such tactics for beginners.

Strategy “Fortune favors the brave”

The third most popular strategy, which allows you to earn a large amount without much effort. But it is only suitable for those who are not afraid and who can play big. Basic principles of the strategy:

How to win at Crazy Time
  • You should bet large sums only on bonus games;
  • There is no point in spending deposits on small sectors;
  • You need to make several bets per round.

All this in order to gain access to the Crazy Time bonus game. Well, then everything is simple: choose one of three indicators, which, after the wheel stops, will determine the user’s additional winnings.

Conclusion about strategies and tactics in the game Crazy Time

These are just some popular strategies for successfully playing Crazy Time. There are other tactics, but don't use them blindly. It is better to familiarize yourself with the entertainment possibilities and the experience of other players before launching the game and introducing the next scheme. It is worth understanding that this is a game of chance and the results are always random. It is impossible to guarantee winnings and influence the results of the game. Strategies help you use your balance more effectively and increase your likelihood of winning.